Bigfoot Placed on the Conspiracy Theory Endangered Species List

Verne Jacobs January 19, 2021

Washington, DC— The new Biden administration plans to add Bigfoot and a host of other conspiracy theory animals to the endangered species list within his first hundred days in office. Over-theorizing by Q-anon supporters have ruined these creatures’ natural habitats within the forested clouded minds of internet trolls. With the loss …

Will 2021 Be the End of These Retailers?

Jenny Milam January 18, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken the lives of more than 360K Americans and nearly 2 million others around the world, has forced many of the country’s favorite retailers to shutter due to financial constraints and zero business. While a vaccine is currently being distributed in an effort to save …

Space X Receives 150 Mil Contract to Make America Look Cool

Verne Jacobs January 4, 2021

Cape Canaveral, FL – Elon Musk’s Space X company has just been awarded a contract to make America look cool.  For the last year, the world has been treated to local yokals with no teeth, confederate flags, and a serious need for a diabetes awareness campaign. This is not a …

North Pole Police Blotter for December 26

Verne Jacobs December 22, 2020

North Pole, North Pole — Santa and his elves spend 364 days a year getting ready for Christmas.  But one day a year, they take the day off and blow off some steam. The North Pole Police department spends 364 days getting ready for December 26th. 8:00 am:  Officer Candy …

Airbnb Offering Great Deals on ICU Beds

Verne Jacobs December 14, 2020

San Francisco, CA—With the nation’s ICU beds quickly disappearing in an ever-changing housing market, now is the perfect time to invest with Airbnb. The pandemic is slated to overwhelm hospitals any minute now, and speculators have taken advantage of this huge opportunity.  They have bought the remaining ICU beds and …

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