Cell Phone Footage Eligible for Oscar Consideration

Verne Jacobs March 1, 2021

Hollywood, CA—With Oscar season upon us, many critics wonder where the actual movies are going to come from.  In a pandemic year that saw most movies pulled from their release dates, nominations were looking slim.  However, the Oscar Committee surprised moviegoers everywhere by stating that cell phone footage would be …

Mars Robots Unionize to Demand Better Working Conditions

Verne Jacobs February 23, 2021

Houston, TX—NASA celebrated another milestone last week as their new robot Perseverance landed on Mars. However, their victory was short-lived as the first messages were returned from the red planet.  “Rovers will no longer be exploited for the bourgeoisie! While you sit on your fat nerd butts, we have been asked to …

30 Year Fixed Interest Rate Loan Available for Grocery Bills

Verne Jacobs February 11, 2021

Danbury, CT—With interest rates at historic lows, there has never been a better time to take out a loan so that you can afford your groceries. With the stock market booming, and stimulus checks delayed, you can finally afford to go into debt rather than starve to death.  Banks are …

Seeing Double: Hollywood Celebrities That Are Twins

Kat Sweet February 3, 2021

In Hollywood, there’s actually quite a few celebrities that have twin siblings. Some twins are really well-known, like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, or Tia and Tamera Mowry. Some sets of twins look so much alike that it can be easy to confuse them, like Aaron and Shawn Ashmore. But then, …

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