About Us

Who We Are:

Karl Jacobs had a life epiphany.  People are dicks.  It’s true, and everyone knows it.  With that in mind, Karl founded The Daily Mock which strives to create news out of nothing.  Which is pretty much the way all news is done now, but Karl believes that the mainstream is a bit too polite.  Karl requires that each and every reporter drop the pretense and tell stories the way they really happen.

We are also required to add guacamole to the nachos because that’s just being a good human being.  So when you read this site, know you are one of Karl’s Campers and he’s going to bring the news to you in a way that has never been seen before, except on all the other sites that write satire news.  But here, you’re one of the group, you are in on the joke, and maybe if you sign up for the newsletter we can get some nachos later.

What We Do:

The keg on the third floor is for reporters only.  Thats just a subtle way to say that we drink a lot.  When that is tapped, the huffing spray paint is located in Karl’s third desk drawer.  That’s the way we get ready for our reporting around here.  We are dedicated to bringing to you the best of the best, whatever that happens to be.

Sometimes it’s a political story with a new angle that is not true in the slightest, other times it’s a human interest piece of made up people.  Whatever our subject matter, just know that after the huffing paint is gone, there are mushrooms growing in the parking lot that Karl says are probably ok.

How To Support The Daily Mock:

Print out one of our story links and post it around your town.Telephone poles are still the gold standard of advertising.But use blue ink so people know that the link hasn’t been clicked yet.Oh, and sharing stuff across social media would be cool, too.Use a funny picture.
Then join our newsletter so we can continue to provide the best nachos to our staff.Things are getting dire around here.We have to fight the rats for the gutter fries and the vermin are unionized.Also, maybe send us coupons.Everyone loves coupons.