After 100 years, Land O’ Lakes Replaces its ‘Racist’ Butter Maiden with Alien

Responding to a more sensitive culture that is tired of “racist stereotypes,” Land O’ Lakes has replaced its iconic image of an American Indian maiden on its butter with an extraterrestrial, which has only set off new protests.

Goodbye “butter maiden,” Hello ET

Declaring itself to be more “modern,” (read: Woke), as dairy industry and Minnesota-based food company Land O’ Lakes nears its 100th anniversary, the firm is marking the occasion with a new look on its butter packaging. Land O’ Lakes has removed its iconic “butter maiden,” which has been a part of his logo since 1928, and replaced it with an extraterrestrial.

The logo has long been criticized as racist and stereotypical. However, the company did not address any of those issues when announcing the new packaging on its products.

“Disclosure is at hand,” CEO says

“As Land O’Lakes looks toward our 100th anniversary, we’ve recognized we need packaging that reflects a new eon as we enter the age of Aquarius,” said Land O Lakes CEO Beth Ford, suddenly going all New Age hippie-hipster.

“Disclosure is at hand,” Ford said as she lifted a veil to reveal the company’s new logo featuring an extraterrestrial.

“Our farmer-owners, whose milk is used to produce Land O’Lakes’ dairy products, have been interpreting coded messages in crop circles for years,” said Ford. “An extraterrestrial was a natural choice. Plus, the production techniques our farmers have learned from these alien entities have been invaluable and it’s time to let the secret out and give credit where it is due.”

“There’s a reason our butter tastes out of this world!” Ford added emphatically.

“Racist company keeps appropriating cultures,” protesters say

After Land O’ Lakes responded to the criticism of being racist for displaying a Native American woman as its “butter maiden” on its packaging and substituted an extraterrestrial, they expected everything would be fine.

“Apparently, the public doesn’t like images of things that are real such as Native Americans, and we responded to that,” Land O’ Lakes CEO Ford said. “We substituted an extraterrestrial, thinking this would be a better mascot. But Nooooo. You just can’t make some people happy.”

No is right, protesters say.

“This racist company just doesn’t get it,” one protester said. “They simply went from appropriating one culture to another.”

“Like, just because humans are, like, the most dominant creatures on this planet, it like doesn’t mean, it’s okay to like oppress aliens by appropriating their culture to make money,” one young female college student said.

“And like, just because they can fly, like across the galaxy, and are probably like a zillion times smarter than us, it still doesn’t mean that they’re not oppressed and discriminated against – like, you know what I’m saying?”

However, when asked, the protester couldn’t explain very much about extraterrestrial culture or how any extraterrestrials feel about having their image on a butter package. The young woman also admitted she had never personally met an alien but said she was “looking forward to it.”