Apple Event Reveals Juicy Details About iPhone 13

Apple Event Reveals Juicy Details About iPhone 13


The iPhone 13 has been fully unveiled thanks to Apple’s annual event. The newest flagship phone from the Cupertino-based tech giant is a doozy. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting features coming to the world’s most popular smartphone this fall.

Four Sizes

As expected, the iPhone 13 will come in three sizes: Mini, Pro, and Pro Max, in addition to its base “iPhone 13” model. All four will sport the newest Bionic chip, the A15, making them even faster and more powerful than all preceding iPhones.

The standard iPhone is largely unchanged, visually, from the iPhone 12. The Mini is a throwback to smaller iPhones like the fan-favorite iPhone SE, making it a great pick for those who like a handset with a smaller profile. The Pro and Pro Max, meanwhile, are each bigger than the last, and sport huge, gorgeous Retina displays.

The standard iPhone 13 will retail for $800, while the Mini will be only $700. The Pro, on the other hand, will run $1,000, while the Pro Max is still the big-spender’s choice, coming in at $1,100. Surprisingly, this is the same pricing model as the last generation, indicating that Apple hasn’t passed on the new manufacturing costs to customers.

Camera Upgrades

Just like every previous iPhone generation, the newest update for the phones’ hardware comes with a huge jump in the quality of the cameras. The camera array on the back of the phones has been substantially upgraded, boasting even wider apertures, telephoto lenses, and a brand-new suite of software powering the array.

The biggest change coming for the cameras is Cinematic Mode, which Apple says could be a huge help for aspiring directors. Apple has touted the mode for its “professional-quality” focus shifting and picture resolution.

In addition to all of this, the phone can now snap pictures of objects that are as close as an inch away thanks to a new macro lens.

Other Changes

The new processor promises to be even more efficient than the iPhone 12’s, and, as such, the 13 is slated to have better battery life than its predecessors. The new chip can cycle down power-heavy processes when they aren’t needed. For instance, the phone can disable 5G connectivity when it’s not using processes that require 5G speeds.

All said, this generational update looks like it’ll be lucky number 13 for Apple. The newest slate of iPhone is due to hit stores on September 24.