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As Seen on Shark Tank, Dad Leaf Blower to Hit Retailers

As seen on Shark Tank, protest ready leaf blowers will be sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.

In answer to financial difficulties caused by the pandemic, Bed Bath and Beyond announced Monday morning it would begin selling protest gear. Leading the protest line-up will be the “Dad” leaf blower, guaranteed to blow away caustic gasses when used in riot mode. 

The “Dad” comes in multiple colors, including RaspberrySeafoam Green, and Burnt Sienna. 

The “Dad” will be available in 6 sizes from Le-Petite to the Paul Bunyan, . Even men with tiny hands can feel confident using the “Dad”. 

This must-have has been given 5-star reviews by over one thousand consumers, examples below: 

Pat from Bend Or. said “I could not have been more surprised at the amazing blow range of the Dad when it is in riot mode. I was able to knock a cat out a tree from 100 ft away!”  

Sammy from Seattle, “I purchased the Le-petite Dad for my husband who suffers from tiny hands, it is amazing what confidence the Dad gave him, he took his Dad to work and came home with a raise!” 


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