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Coronavirus Turns 2 China Doctors Black, Accused of Cultural Appropriation

The skin of two Chinese doctors turned black following being infected by the coronavirus, triggering Social Justice Warriors (SJW) who are calling it the “worst instance of blackface ever” and accusing the physicians of “cultural appropriation.”

Coronavirus leaves 2 doctors in China black after battling disease

According to reports coming out of China, two Chinese physicians, both aged 42, became critically ill after contracting the novel coronavirus while treating COVID-19 patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital.

They were bedridden for 99 days. One of the doctors was on a life-support machine for 39 days. But as a bizarre aftereffect of the coronavirus infection, the skin of both doctors turned completely black.

Doctors received therapy to help them adjust to new skin color

The doctors said that as a result of their traumatic experience, they received mental health support that has “been dope” in helping with adjusting to their new skin color.

“I’m just turned up to be alive – feel me?” said Dr. Hu Weifeng, while wearing a bucket hat and a vintage oversized NWA T-shirt paired with black nylon Supreme x Levi’s hanging low.

“One-hundred fam,” said Dr. Yi Fan, sporting hard-to-come-by collectible Nike Air Yeezy kicks and a Meek Mill Dreamchaser hat turned sideways. “I can’t wait to kick it with my homies up in the club and chill to some Drake.”

 two chinese doctors appear to have black skin
D.r Yi Fan | Dr. Hu WeifengBTV via Youtube

Social Justice Warriors: “Cultural appropriation”

When the pictures of the two Chinese doctors with completely black skin from head to toe hit the Internet, it incensed social justice warriors to outrage, as they weren’t buying reports that the dark skin of the two physicians was caused by coronavirus.

“This is the worst instance of blackface ever!” one SJW wrote on Twitter. “Fake!”

“Look at their clothes,” another SJW said, referring to photos that were posted on the Internet. “And what they’re saying in the interviews is a dead giveaway – this is blatant cultural appropriation!”

The two social justice warriors were referring to photos of the doctors dressed in hip-hop-themed gear, as well as comments made by the doctors in recent interviews discussing their skin pigmentation anomaly.

Chinese doctors on their black skin and hip-hop style

The doctors were asked what they thought about the outcry and accusations on social media coming from social justice warriors.

“Why er’body all shook?” asked Dr. Fan. “We woke now homies and turnt!”

“I don’t know why they gettin’ salty and sweatin’ us,” said Dr. Weifeng. “I’m slaying this look. Realness…We glow up Tope.”

For the uninitiated, the doctor was saying, that in truth, that the pair has upgraded to a better look that is totally dope [awesome].

An interviewer asked the doctors if the claims made by their social media critics had any merit.

“They just jelly and spilling tea,” Dr. Weifeng said.

“The social justice warriors are all thirsty attention whores,” Dr. Fan agreed.


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