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Craft Brewery Sends Cease and Desist Letters Over Use Of ‘Man Buns’

Portland, OR — The Sweet Pickled, a craft brewery located in downtown Oregon, has sent cease and desist letters to thousands of men who wear the style hairstyle known as the man-bun. Unknown to many, the brewery had the man-bun trademarked late last year and are now enforcing that trademark.

The Millenial Mullet, as it is called, has gained popularity since the turn of the century and millions have proudly embarrassed themselves since. However, with the new enforcement, the future of the man-bun is in doubt.

Why The Man Bun?

Many say that the hairstyle, where a man with long hair wears it in a bun on the top of his head like a confused unicorn, has been popular for generations. This, of course, is a lie. The man-bun came into popularity as the younger generation aged and realized that haircuts were too expensive to afford.

This rise in popularity also coincided with the growth of the craft brewery market. The earliest brewers adopted this hairstyle as they made concoctions such as IPA Peppermint Twist, and Sweet Sallys Back-Sweat. Soon, the image of a man-bun and craft beer were indistinguishable.

In fact, if you walked up to anyone who had a man-bun and asked them what brewery they worked at, you would always get an answer. However, the man-bun was not exclusive to craft brewery but it can be argued that it was a tradition.

Is The Trademark Enforceable?

Surprisingly, it would appear that the trademark for the man-bun is enforceable. Several millennials have attempted to challenge the trademark case in court. They were unsuccessful in borrowing money from their parents but were able to organize a crowdfunding campaign to file suit.

However, no judge wants to waste their time on a hairstyle that surely deserves a fiery death. Cases all across the country have been thrown out. Thus, the trademark remains in effect.

As for The Sweet Pickled, they have made trademark infringement their primary market and have abandoned the brewery business altogether because, in the end, no one wanted pickled flavored beer brewed by a couple of college bros with unkempt beards. They have made an exception though for 45-year-old writers who also take yoga on the side.


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