Disney to Defrost Walt’s Head to Ask Advice About Coronavirus Mess

Most people know that somewhere in Disneyland Walt Disney’s frozen head has been waiting for just this type of emergency.

Saturday a spokesperson for the Happiest Place on Earth, in a surprising announcement, said that since March they have been working on an animatronic body for the head of the legendary cartoonist and dream maker. 

Disney has a long history of animatronics, which participate in many of the rides and shows at multiple parks around the world.  

They announced they were able to use Tom Hanks’s body as inspiration since Hanks was a great Walt in Saving Mr. Banks. It has been reported that when Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were locked up in Australia, recovering from the Coronavirus that, Tom did not actually have the virus, it was a ruse to protect the secret of them using Hanks as Walts body double.” 

They have taken Walt’s head out of the deep freeze, much like a frozen turkey or frozen fish, the instructions advise letting it thaw naturally in the refrigerator, and at no time should they defrost it in the microwave.