Don’t Fall For Home Security Systems: Just Get a Sign!

Many people spend thousands of dollars each year on home security systems from big companies like ADT. They pay for the equipment, the set up costs, and the ongoing monitoring, all for the sake of security and peace of mind. But you know what works just as well?

A sign outside in your lawn, and sticker in the front window.

Studies done on burglaries suggest that most home theft is spontaneous, and the biggest deterrent is going to be the evidence of a home security system. Not necessarily the security system itself. So the best solution is to snag evidence that you’ve got a comprehensive system, even when you don’t.

You can purchase the signs and stickers online, or just simply snag some from a neighbor a few roads down. Make sure your sign is clearly on display, and the sticker stating you’re protected from theft right in a window a burglar would like to use.

It’s a cheaper, easier solution. Save yourself money – get a sign!