Google Pixel Watch: What To Expect

Google Pixel Watch: What To Expect


Google has unveiled its latest hardware release, the upcoming Pixel Watch. The company has been openly challenging Apple’s dominance in the mobile tech industry for years. Its Pixel phones are being compared to Apple’s extremely popular iPhone brand. They also took aim at the AirPods line of wireless earbuds by releasing their own Pixel Buds, and now they’re setting their sights on the smartwatch space.

The Pixel watch certainly looks stylish and eye-catching, but what can users expect from the upcoming wearable tech release? Here’s everything we know so far about the Pixel Watch. As usual, take this with a grain of salt: Google could change some or all of these features before the watch launches later this year.

Battery Life

The first thing we know about the Pixel Watch is that it will sport a pretty standard smartwatch battery capacity. Watches like the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch only get around 24 hours of battery life with average use, and it looks like the Pixel Watch will fall into that same range. 

Fan site 9to5 Google reports the watch will allegedly sport a 300mAh battery, which is to be expected. Anything larger than that can become too heavy, hot, and unwieldy for use in a wearable piece of technology. 

FitBit Is the “Killer App”

Google purchased FitBit in 2021 for $2.1 billion in a bid to shore up its wearable tech offerings. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai says the company is a major part of its Pixel Watch plans.

“Fitbit will be a killer app service and is one of the biggest use cases for watches,” Pichai told reporters. “So bringing Fitbit as a service to all WearOS and Pixel Watch, that’s been important.”

It makes sense to see Google focus on fitness. Smartwatches were originally introduced as luxury devices and status symbols, but Apple managed to pivot their watches to be viewed as fitness trackers and heartrate monitors in addition to useful time-savers.

Building Out the Ecosystem

Google will supplement its hardware offerings later this year with a Pixel tablet to go alongside its upcoming Pixel phone refresh in the fourth quarter. This will essentially mean it has offerings similar to Apple in terms of its available options for phones, watches, tablets, home computers, and headphones. 

The question that remains for Google is whether customers will flock to the new offerings, or if they’ll stick with their tried-and-true Apple Watches. Only time will tell now!