Google Unveils New Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Smartphones

Google Unveils New Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Smartphones


The newest smartphone entry in Google’s popular Pixel line is a radical departure from their older designs. Google’s always struggled in the hardware space (does anyone remember the Stadia?), but the Pixel has so far managed to stay profitable enough to make it through five iterations. This sixth iteration, due out this Fall, is set to make a bigger splash.

Well, Google hopes it will, at least.

What’s New?

The Pixel 6 line is 5G compatible, a first for the Pixel family. They’re powered by a brand-new system-on-a-chip from Google, which promises to bring speedy performance to compete in the space currently ruled by Apple and Samsung. The new SOC is a major departure for Google, as their Pixel line previously relied on a chip from Qualcomm. Deciding to pivot to their own SOC for this new entry signals that Google wants to make the Pixel a much more top-down “Google first” experience.

Many have compared the Pixel to the iPhone. Both phones are made to be “holistic” technological devices that are given the most up-to-date security features and the highest amount of attention from their creators. In both cases, the hardware and software for the phones are made by the same company. Google has sought these comparisons actively, even using all-white packaging and minimalistic designs that echo those from Apple.

Camera Changes

The Pixel 6 has a thin strip along the high part of the back of the phone that houses a brand-new camera array. This camera setup is much more sensitive than the version seen in the Pixel 5, allowing for more low-light pictures and more robust photography. The 6 also sports an ultrawide lens, offering stunning landscape photography that will transport viewers to the vistas you’re capturing on camera.

As a first for the Pixel, this new camera array also sports optical zoom. That means that there is a functional, moving camera lens in the array that can give smoother zoom functionality than the kind typically seen with digital zoom.

Pricing and Release Date

There are still some mysteries surrounding the phone’s pricing and release date. While the Pixel 5 launched at $699 last October, it’s impossible to say for certain whether its successor will share its release date and pricing. However, what is known is that the phone will be out at some point this Fall, and Google is betting big on this hardware release competing with companies like Apple.