Helpful iOS 15 Features You Didn’t Notice

Helpful iOS 15 Features You Didn’t Notice


Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 15, brought substantial power to new iPhones. Some marquee features, like updated Maps and tools for focus, dominated Apple’s marketing. Some of the quieter updates will probably matter more for users, though. Here are some handy iOS 15 features that most iPhone owners haven’t noticed yet.

Weather App Updates

Apple acquired the popular weather app Dark Sky back in March 2020. With iOS 15, that app’s most popular features are finally available on the iPhone. If you enable precipitation notifications, your phone can alert you before rain or snow arrives in your region. This feature will require you to let the app track your location, though.

These alerts are a great way to keep dry when you’re out and about. No one wants to run through the rain to get to their car after a long day of work!

Scan Text

The new OS includes a new feature that allows your iPhone’s camera to scan text from signs and documents in the real world. Open a text field, then long-press like you’re going to use the copy or paste commands. A new prompt, called Scan Text, will appear. When you tap this option, your phone will open the camera app to scan for text.

Once you’ve lined up the text you want to scan, just hit “insert.” Like that, you’ll have a block of text from the real world copied digitally for use in texts and emails. This feature is a stellar time-saving method for professionals and students.

Drag and Drop

Apple users who use iPads already know about the Drag and Drop feature, which is finally available on iPhone. This feature lets you move attachments between apps by holding them and dragging them where you want them.

This technique can quickly move photos from your camera roll to messages. Professionals will appreciate how convenient this feature is for moving files over to emails.

FaceTime Upgrades

A handful of FaceTime upgrades also came included with iOS 15. Now, iPhones will use spatial audio to make users’ voices sound like they’re coming from the part of the screen in which their faces appear. New active noise canceling software will help reduce background noise during calls, too.

Finally, FaceTime supports Portrait Mode now. FaceTime’s Portrait Mode looks just like the filter available in the Camera app, blurring the background and putting the user in focus in the foreground. Enable this feature if you want your FaceTime calls to look smooth and professional.