Helpful Tips to Make Your iPhone Easier to Use

Helpful Tips to Make Your iPhone Easier to Use


Whether you’re a new iPhone owner or you’ve been using iOS devices for years, you might not know how many cool options are hiding in your settings menu. Your smartphone should be easy to use, and you can make yours that much easier to interface with by changing a few settings! Here are our top tips to make your iPhone even better.

Choosing Default Apps

Don’t tell Apple this, but not everyone is in love with Safari as a default browser. If you’re sick of using Apple’s proprietary browser as your default internet app on your phone, you can change it to a browser you prefer. For instance, many people would rather use Google Chrome to sync their tabs across their iPhone and Windows PCs.

To change your default apps for things like internet browsing and emails, go to your settings menu and check out the options for Default Mail App or Default Browser App. This will allow you to set up your own preferred apps and stop having links open in a browser you don’t want to use! 

App Library

Do you find your home screen to be too chaotic and cluttered for easy use? Consider enabling the App Library function on your iPhone. The App Library functions like a junk drawer, allowing you to throw an app you’re not using into a folder without deleting it outright. This gets it off your home screen but keeps it installed so you can use it later if the opportunity arises.

If you’re also sick of new apps popping up directly on your home screen, you can set them to download into the App Library instead. Go to Settings, look under Home Screen, and enable “App Library Only.”

Focus Mode

Are you sick of incessant notifications interrupting you while you’re trying to sleep or work, or just spend time with family? If so, you should check out the iPhone’s numerous Focus modes. These can be enabled automatically, like Sleep Focus, to help you wind down when it’s time for bed. You can allow certain apps to push notifications through these focus filters, such as your work email during work hours or calls from important people while you’re in Sleep Focus.

Once you’ve set up your preferred Focus profiles, you can allow them to run in the background. They’ll filter your notifications and help you, well, focus! Just remember to turn them off when you’re on vacation!