iPhone 13 News: What to Expect from the Upcoming Smartphone

iPhone 13 News: What to Expect from the Upcoming Smartphone


The iPhone has remained an extremely popular standard-bearer for flagship smartphones since its original introduction way back in 2007. The iPhone continues to impress year over year, with each new model showing impressive innovation and unique features that make the user-friendly smartphone that much more useful.

The upcoming iPhone 13 will be releasing in the Fall, just like every other iPhone’s annual release. What new features can you expect with the iPhone 13? Quite a few, if rumors are to be trusted.

Always-On Display

The newest Apple Watches, the 5 and 6, have an option for an always-on display that lets users see the time and their various applications without needing to wake the device from a sleep mode. This functionality has also been in use on some Android smartphones for several years. However, Apple has only recently begun experimenting with such a feature, according to rumors.

Tech rumors have it that the feature could be making its way to the iPhone 13, allowing it to keep its screen powered on all the time. The always-on screen would likely be more straightforward than the home screen, just displaying some basic information like the time, temperature, battery level, and any new notifications.


Another rumor holds that the next iPhone will likely use a new type of screen, an OLED LTPO screen with a high-speed refresh rate. The refresh rate on the screen is reportedly 120 Hz, meaning that scrolling and movement will look remarkably smoother on the new devices. This new framerate, called “ProMotion,” will allow for a highly smooth display for games and videos, as well.

The feature is expected to be a serious draw on battery power, though, leading to some speculation that the iPhone 13 will sport a dramatically increased battery size.


Rumors agree that the new iPhone 13 is likely to be significantly bulkier than some of its modern predecessors. The phone will need a much larger battery for its always-on display and higher framerate during operation. This will likely result in the phone’s frame being scaled up to accommodate.

As per usual, experts expect the new phone to come in at least three varieties. A smaller, budget option will probably forego the new always-on screen and ProMotion. The middle entry will likely be smaller and sport the new features. Meanwhile, the “pro” entry will likely have an even bigger display and bigger battery but will cost a few hundred dollars more.