iPhone 14: Report Suggests It Could Release in September

iPhone 14: Report Suggests It Could Release in September


A new report suggests that the upcoming iPhone 14 could be released at soon as September 16. While a new iPhone is as reliable as the sun rising in the morning, Apple occasionally slides around the release date for their new handset in the back quarter of the year.

Typically, new iPhones land sometime between September and November, though this year the new device could land much earlier in that window than some experts expected. 

A report from Bloomberg on Wednesday suggests that the newest iPhone might be unveiled on September 7, alongside its release date of September 16. That’s less than a month away! This also means that anyone thinking about upgrading should hold off for a few weeks until they learn more about the proposed features on Apple’s latest handset.

Another New iPhone?

If this sounds like it’s coming out too soon after the iPhone 13, that’s because it’s only been a year since the latest iPhone first hit store shelves. However, Apple keeps a relentless release schedule, pumping out new iPhones every year to meet ravenous demand from consumers who always want the most cutting-edge tech. 

And this method has paid off handsomely for the Cupertino-based tech giant. Sales of new iPhones have been robust for the past several years, with more people than ever before opting to buy iPhones over comparable Android devices. Since basically everyone owns a smartphone, this is good news for Apple.

Expected Specs

The iPhone 14 will likely be sold in a few configurations, just like the iPhone 13, including an expected 6.1-inch standard model and a 6.7-inch “Pro” model. Other experts predict a “notchless” display, doing away with the noticeable notch first introduced in the revolutionary iPhone X. That phone has a nearly-full front display with extremely limited bezels, but a notch at the top of the screen houses a front-facing camera and a speaker. The follow-up iPhones all also sported a similar notch.

But those upgrades aren’t going to come cheap. Early reports indicate that the newest iPhone will likely come with another $100 added to the price tag, bringing the base model up to a whopping $900.

That’s a lot of money for a device you might plan to replace in a year, but some fans always want to have the newest, shiniest smartphones. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, wait for the iPhone 14 to hit store shelves so you can get an iPhone 12 or 13 for a steeper discount.