Kanye Tweeted and Deleted

Kanye West surprised fans and future constituents when the articulate and reserved presidential candidate did an impression of a bat defecating crazily, while tweeting love for wife Kim KardashianWest and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner in his class act Ye-speak. 

Yeezus claims the family tried to “lock him up” following his remarkable presidential campaign rally in South Carolina. Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner said not so, he had locked himself in the private plane’s bathroom and wouldn’t get out until they landed and called the fire department. 

Kanye also tweeted and deleted that he had been trying to divorce Kim for the last year. However, after Kim expressed mailed, from the other room by drone, their pre-nup he remembered why that wasn’t really a thing, deleted and moved on. 

Then came some stuff no one really understood about Michael Jackson, or MJ as the cool kids call him. Claiming Tommy Mottola who West referred to as “devilish racist” is responsible for Jacksons 2009 death… at least that’s what we think he meant. 

The best tweet of the night was when he sent a shout out to his “white supremacist” mother-in-law “Kris Jong-Un” while talking about how hard she works as a mom-ager.