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Katniss Everdeen and Other Dystopian Heroes Speak at the Democratic National Convention

Washington, D.C — The Democratic National Convention was this week and featured some interesting speakers.

In our current hellscape, Michelle Obama offered hope, Jill Biden primed the world for a fight and past Republicans broke with their party and also endorsed candidate Joe Biden.

But most shocking were the dystopian characters that came in from the cold to give their endorsement and tell what it’s been like living in a country during the Trump Administration.

Katniss Everdeen, District 12

President Snow was a sissy next to what President Trump has done.  After he destroyed district 5, and killed Rue’s innocent sister, I had to come out of retirement.  But even for me and my valiant protesters, it is too much.

He tear-gassed a nursing home just for another photo op.  I whistled a song at the aggressors and they tased me.  Make no mistake, we will defeat this administration, and I proudly endorse our next president Joe Biden!

Mad Max, Melbourne Australia

I’ve seen some shit out there on the roads.  Roaming bands of Trump supporters putting kids into cages and making them fight in the Thunderdome.  I’ve done what I can, but it may not be enough.

There are two things that I’m sure we need.  A reliable water source and to make sure every person votes!  When you vote, not even the roar of my engine can keep you silent!  Joe Biden 2020!

Piggy, An Island in the South Pacific

Yes, I was marooned on an island with a bunch of children.  And yes, you had to have the conch to speak.  And finally, yes, I was smashed in the head by a rock by a gang of children that went all Lord of the Flies.

Even all of that is not as bad as what I’ve seen in our country over the last four years!  This president has surrounded himself with those criminals and now they are roaming the streets!

I say it’s time to pass the conch to our next president Joe Biden!

Rick Deckard, L.A

Robots are a problem.  Do androids dream of electric sheep?  Do they care about humanity?  Can you fall in love with one and have a child?

I’ve been able to answer all of those questions, but the question I can’t answer is how we can continue to let this corrupt administration continue!

What androids need before they turn on us are jobs, and brother, let me tell you, there are no jobs out there!  If we strengthen the unions, maybe we could find ourselves out of this terrible mess!

For my future, I’m voting for Joe Biden!

Neo, Mega City

They call me the one, and for a long time I didn’t believe it.  I just went through life, not caring what happened to me.  I was what you called an uninterested voter.  The world was not my problem.

I was not engaged.  But then Morpheus woke me up and I knew that humanity needed my help.  Joe Biden needs your help now or my reality will become your reality. Or maybe.

I’m not sure, actually, the Matrix is very confusing and I don’t know what’s real and what’s not.  But what I do know that we cannot take another four years of this administration!

Wall-E, Earth

Eve!  Joe Biden 2020!

Snake Plissken, New York City and L.A

I don’t trust the government. They’ve never given me a reason to.  Prisons in New York, voter disenfranchisement in L.A.  I’ve seen it all.

When you just want to go about your daily life, then bam, you get a virus that will kill you and the government does nothing to stop it.  Sound familiar?  It’s been happening for the last six weeks.

Robocop, Detroit

People say that white-collar criminals aren’t a big deal. That they aren’t doing any damage.  But they’re worse than any looters I’ve seen out on the streets!  They raid your Social Security and Medicare!  They rig elections.

You are not in control!  The corporation is and they’ll just keep making more of you if you don’t toe the line.  It’s time for a change.  It’s time to give this country the future it deserves.

Free from tyranny and cybernetic implants that shut you down if you don’t follow orders.  Dead or alive, you’re coming with me to vote for Joe Biden in 2020!

As voters go to the polls this November, they need to ask themselves a question.  Which dystopian future do you want?


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