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Leaders Compete in New Viral Trend: ‘The Lockdown Challenge’

Governors and mayors across the nation are getting swept up in the latest viral craze called “The Lockdown Challenge” as leaders are extending coronavirus stay-at-home orders to win the contest.

The ‘new normal’ spurs competitive spirit

Gone are the days when you can just stroll out of your house and go anywhere on a whim. Constitutional rights? Yeah, right…Whatever.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a “new normal” (a code word or euphemism for “things are totally f**ked up and it’s easier to use this clever phrase as an excuse rather than figure out how to fix the situation”).

In an effort to look like they are doing something, leaders around the country began trying to out-do one another with what they believed were preventative measures to protect the public.

Not wanting to look weak or stupid, they eventually began to get competitive and a contest of one-upping began, leading to…

“The Lockdown Challenge”

With US President Donald Trump basically going “hands off” at the federal level, the commander-in-chief is leaving the decision to end lockdowns to state and local authorities.

That seemed just fine and dandy until a new viral craze began sweeping the nation called: “The Lockdown Challenge.”

It seems that leaders around the country have gotten caught up in the frenzy and began issuing a string of new restrictive measures on the public while posting videos to social media in an effort to look smarter and more prepared than their counterparts.

Let the games begin…

According to one governor, “Extreme times call for extreme measures.”

Extreme certainly seems to be the operative keyword as leaders are competing with one another to see who can enact the utmost in severe, harsh, and excessive restrictions upon the residents of the locality in which they serve as an overlord.

As the “lockdown challenge” got underway, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer opened the play, but was quickly matched by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as the duo made the first moves by extending their lockdowns to May 15.

“I raise you,” said Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, who extended his shutdown until May 20.

“I’ll raise it to May 26,” said Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

“Not so fast,” said Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker who raised the jackpot to May 30.

Not to be outdone, the mayors of several counties in the San Francisco Bay Area quickly countered by extending their lockdowns until the end of May.

“Muhahaha,” said one mayor, speaking to reporters as he twisted his mustache.

A winner emerges

But the game took a drastic and unexpected turn when one leader, putting all the chips on the table, emerged as the clear winner in the contest.

“I raise and I call,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom, as he went all in, smiling confidently in declaring: “We’re never letting anyone out again!”


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