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Pumpkin Spice Baby

Loving Couple Adopts Pumpkin Spice Baby

San Francisco, CA — With the leaves changing colors, Mr. And Mrs. Smith celebrated the season by adopting an adorable pumpkin spice baby. They have named him Starbucks Latte Smith and enjoy talking about how much they love him.

“Oh, he just smells so fantastic,” said Mrs. Smith as she inhaled the fall air. “And he matches my outfits so well. I mean, nothing puts me more in the mood for fall than going into the nursery in the morning, after the nanny takes him somewhere, and just sniffing the air. Roger and I couldn’t be happier.”

The Smiths could have gone with any fragrance of baby but knew that they found their match when they laid their nostrils on Starbucks. They adopted him on their way to the local arts festival and immediately set about to update their social media status.

What Other Fragrances Are There?

Couples have many choices when it comes to fragrant babies.

At Christmas, perhaps a candy-cane baby will fit the bill. In the spring, wildflowers and fresh rain. In the summer, couples will never go wrong with the apple pie and baseball baby. This little rascal just screams America when you show up in your Prius for the annual organic fireworks display.

No matter the season, there is a baby for every white couple that prizes looks and status over the well being of society.

Baby Catalogs

Often, many couples don’t have the time to pick out the baby of the season. This is why many of today’s high-end retailers are adding mail-order options.

One-click of the button and soon, a grown man dressed as a stork will deliver a bouncy baby that smells like potpourri carried on a fresh breeze. Macy’s, Restoration Hardware, and even Sears now have a special fragrant baby section. The baby business is so good, that Sears has been saved from certain doom.

No matter what your lifestyle, or the flavor of mocha you may drink, there is someone for everyone. A happy family is no more than a sniff away.


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