Make the Switch to Cloud Computing to Save Money and Time

Make the Switch to Cloud Computing to Save Money and Time


If you have not switched to cloud computing, we’ll show you the many advantages it has to offer. Cloud computing offers a wide array of advantages over traditional storage and IT solutions.

From increased collaboration to reduced time, labor and expenses – making the switch will help you save in many ways.

Lower Up-Front Investment

Cloud computing moves your capital IT expense into an operating expense. The cloud computing provider takes care of the large investments including the equipment and facility costs. Once you make a large capital expenditure such as new hardware, you know that it doesn’t end there.

The maintenance, upgrades or replacements the equipment needs never end. By switching to cloud computing, your provider takes care of all of that, as well as software upgrades – saving time, money and space in your own facility.

Monthly Savings

With cloud-based computing, you pay for only what you use. This cuts your monthly costs since you are no longer paying for unused capacity.

Cloud resources are shared with thousands of organizations, spreading the cost across all of them – and only charging using “pay-as-you-go” for how much you use cost-model.

Cloud computing also offers almost instantaneous scaling. If you need more – it’s available. If you need less, you won’t pay for it.

Speed and Productivity

Cloud computing in terms of software and productivity are almost always more efficient. Software generally performs faster; deployment times are reduced and downtime experienced by employees is minimal if even noticed at all.

Cloud computing providers have a vested interest in keeping your organization up and running. If the servers go down, they have the resources to move you to a new server or bring you back up almost instantaneously.

They also have staff on board 24/7 so walking in on a Monday morning to find your server crashed is no longer a concern.

Other Advantages of Cloud Computing

If those reasons have not caught your attention – imagine what would happen if your building caught fire, flooded, was ripped away by a tornado or any other natural disaster. Would you be able to survive the economic impact of downtime and data loss?

You also have a lower risk of data breaches such as malware, outages and human error. IT costs will be cut with cloud computing, possibly reducing IT staffing needs by 50 percent or more.

Reinvesting the savings into your company will allow you to grow and spend the savings on building a better, more efficient business. Make the switch to cloud computing today to invest in your business’s future.