Man Buys $47k Apple Mac Pro But You Won’t Believe What For!

Man Buys $47k Apple Mac Pro But You Won’t Believe What For!


San Francisco, California-A man just spent $47,518, the retail price for a fully loaded, top-of-the-line Apple Mac Pro, but when asked what he plans to use the computer for – you won’t believe what he said!

An Apple specialist who works at an Apple Store in the Bay Area is recounting the story of selling the most expensive computer Apple produces and how he was shocked when he found out what the man was going to use the nearly $48,000 computer for.

Man buys best computer money can buy

A man named Reginald Dankworth walked into an Apple Store in the Bay Area and told the salesperson that a friend had told him “if he wanted the best computer that money could buy – he should visit an Apple Store.”

“So here I am,” Reginald told eager salesperson.

“You’ve definitely come to the right place,” the Apple Specialist replied. He decided to ask Reginald a few questions first to make a determination on what might be the best type of Apple computer product for his needs.

Getting the right Apple computer

“What kind of computer do you use now?” The specialist asked.

“One of those fancy gaming computers,” Reginald said, “but it’s just too slow.”

“So you’re a gamer,” the specialist remarked.

“No, not at all,” Reginald said. “I just purchased it because it was supposed to be the most powerful computer at the time.”

“I see,” the specialist nodded, thinking this customer probably had some money to spend. He pondered a moment, and then said, “What kind of problems is your present computer giving you?”

“The biggest problem is that it freezes with video.”

“Ah,” the specialist said knowingly. “You need something for video production.”

“No, I don’t do video production,” Reginald shook his head, “but I definitely need something that can handle playing a lot of video.”

The specialist paused a moment, wondering if he should turn this customer over to an Apple Expert, thinking the Reginald might be using the computer for some very technical tasks. “Is this computer for your work?”

“Nope,” Reginald said, growing tired of answering so many questions. “Can you just show me your best, top-of-the-line computer?

“Sure, sure,” the specialist said apologetically. “Follow me.”

The holy grail of computing – the Apple Mac Pro

The clerk led Reginald to the other side of the store and showed him the new Apple Mac Pro.

“It kind of looks like a cheese grater,” Reginald observed.

“This is the most powerful computer Apple has ever developed,” the specialist said, beaming proudly. It has a 2.5 gigahertz Intel Xeon 28-core processor, 1.5 terabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabit SSD internal hard drive–

“I don’t even know what all that means,” Reginald interrupted.

Surprised, the specialist continued, “Well, the 28-core processor is almost like having the power of 28 computers.”

“Sounds good to me,” Reginald remarked. “Is it good at playing videos?”

“The best,” the specialist assured him, “you’ll have no problem playing the highest resolution videos even up to 7K and beyond.”

Reginald blinked. “How much is this baby fully loaded?”

“It’s very expensive,” the specialist said matter-of-factly.

“Whatever it is, I can afford it,” Reginald said confidently.

The specialist smiled. “Fully configured it retails for $43,199.”

“I’ll take it,” Reginald chirped without hesitation.

“R-Really?” The clerk stuttered, quickly recovering. “I mean, of course, Sir, fantastic!”

You won’t believe what the man bought the $48,000 computer for

At the checkout counter, the Apple specialist, Trevor Williams, was still curious about what Reginald Dankworth planned to do with his Apple Mac Pro with all additional options totaling $47,518.

“Sir,” Williams began timidly, “I’m just curious… You said this wasn’t for work. May I ask what you’re going to use such an expensive Apple computer for?”

“Porn,” Reginald replied.

“You won’t be using it for anything else?” Williams asked incredulously.

“Nope,” Reginald shook his head, “I watch a lot of porn.”

Williams later recalled the story to a local newspaper telling the reporter that he had just sold a nearly $48,000 computer that was basically just the world’s most expensive porn viewing machine.