Man’s Attempt to Fake Own Death Foiled by Typos

25-year-old man from New Jersey tried to fake his own death to avoid jail time and “chores around the house,” Robert Burger said when asked what possessed him to commit the forgery of a legal document.

The alleged ruse might have worked except for his utter lack of spelling ability. There were other clues as well such as font type and size changes within the documentIt was the eagle eye of prosecutors who noticed that the word ‘Registry’ in the department name was misspelled as Regsitry,’ as well as spelling ‘ov‘ for ‘of’ and under sex the 25-year-old wrote ‘don’t get me started’ instead of male. 

After verifying with the New Jersey Department of Health, Vital Statistics and Registry, it was confirmed the certificate was indeed fraudulent. 

Robert had been facing sentencing for a pair of felony vehicle theft-related charges, which he had already pled guilty for. In October Burgers attorney submitted the bogus paperwork and said Burger had committed suicide. 

Burger faces an additional 4-years in prison for this debacle Prosecutors suggested that someone who is going to commit this kind of fraud truly needs to use spell check.