No Snacking While Walking at Walt Disney World

Recently Disney clarified the new rules for mask-wearing in the park after park visitors figureout a loophole.

Before you could only remove the mask while eating or drinking, many were eating and drinking while ambling from ride to ride, or while standing in the social distancing queue at an attraction, with no mask while eating Micky’s face off of a pretzel or enjoying a $200 bottle of water. 

Once Disney caught on, they started getting concerned and made a rule you can only eat or drink while standing still. 

They have also established you cannot walk and chew gum or pat your tummy while you rub your head while on park property. 

This has angered scooter people as well as the stroller brigade, who are the large groups of people with double strollers who walk side by side the length of the street and hit the ankles people in front of them while the 2-year-old is running wildly in every direction and a 10-year-old is sitting in the stroller. They suggest Disney “just close back down!

A Disney spokesperson said, “No, we are not closing down, hand over your money and nobody gets hurt.”