Police Uniforms To Come With Parental Advisory Sticker

Police Uniforms To Come With Parental Advisory Sticker


Minneapolis, MN —It is well known that exposing children to violence increases anti-social behavior.  This was the case made in the 1980s by Tipper Gore.  As a result, many video games and music now come with parental advisory stickers.

Now those changes are coming to police uniforms as they are almost always seen escalating and glorify violence in peaceful protests.

“My child was playing at the park when she saw one of her playmates resist arrest over at the swings,” stated Shannon Stewart.

“The girl was around four or five and she should know that when a cop wants to check her lunch pail for a broken tail light, she should just do as she’s told.  But this girl called for an adult and the police beat her.

My child had to see that and when he got home, my child sprayed me with mace.”

Sticker Placement

The sticker is designed to be placed where the police bodycam was supposed to go if it wasn’t constantly removed from officers “forgetting” them.

It’s right underneath where their name tags would have been if they weren’t blacked out, next to the type of badge the officer may be carrying if that wasn’t also removed.

It is hoped that parents will now be able to warn their children when they see an advisory sticker of the type of content that is now associated with police officers.

That violent content can often lead to protest marches demanding fair justice under the law regardless of what position of power a person holds.

Police Response

The heroes of the police department aren’t happy with the new uniform changes and have threatened to not show up at peaceful protests.  Instead, they will go to their own protest and escalate the violence there.

In response, protestors have publicly stated “Wow, that would be cool.”   It does appear that the parental advisory stickers are already working.

Since the change, many of the protests have become way, way, way, way less violent.  On the other side, however, tear gas sales have dropped and an entire industry that produces chemicals that would be a war crime are going out of business.

To which the protestors also stated, “Wow, that would be cool.”