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Joe Biden has his hand up in the air with a question mark

RNC Asked The Tough Question:  Why Didn’t Biden Stop Us Sooner?

Washington, D.C. —The Republican National Convention kicked off this week and celebrated all the things that they stand for.  And they should be given credit for not wearing their white sheets over their faces this time.  Throughout the convention, speaker after speaker asked the tough question that everyone wanted an answer to:  Why didn’t Joe Biden do more to stop us?

With over a hundred and eighty thousand dead in America, rioting and looting on the streets, and police playing Duck Hunt with protesters, how come non-president Joe Biden hasn’t taken any action?  He controls absolutely no chamber of Congress, has appointed no one to the supreme court, and isn’t even president.  Is that the mark of a man that you want to be president?

Instead, the RNC nominated President Trump, the man that made all this worse in the first place.  And what has Joe Biden done to stop him?  Nothing! What else did Joe Biden not do?

Minorities in Suburbs

Several speakers at the RNC pointed out that if Joe Biden does become president, he won’t be able to keep minorities out of the suburbs.  The fact that YOUR child may have to recognize that someone of a different color is an equal is truly appalling to the RNC.  The very nerve!  Equality is for land-owning white males, and land-owning white males only.  If they invade our neighborhoods, what’s next?

Will Republicans have to talk to them about lawns and water heaters?  Have them over to a barbecue?  Give them a quality education that’s combined with empathy and an understanding that every American deserves the same rights and respect?  That’s what could happen if you vote for Bidden.


Speaker after speaker made clear that nepotism is a big problem in Washington.  Eric Trump, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Junior, and Juniors side piece Kimberly Guilfoyle all agree that nepotism is a big deal for other people.

Joe Biden hasn’t prevented any of them from profiting from daddy’s office, and that just goes to show how corrupt Hunter Biden is for some reason.

Pandemic Response

Joe Biden’s complete lack of regard for conspiracy theories has truly hurt this nation’s response to the fake pandemic.  The fact that he listens to scientists and doctors instead of Uncle Carl on Facebook is proof that he did nothing to stop the RNC from running this shit show into the ground.  Doesn’t he know that Uncle Carl has a super awesome truck with a confederate flag?

Doesn’t that give him more experience than someone who has spent decades protecting the country from infectious diseases?  Well no, but Uncle Carl is still cool.


Nikki Haley states that there is no racism in America and proves that point by not using her birth name of Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley because there is no way that Republicans would care about that.  Just ask past president Barrack HUSSEIN Obama who was born in the middle east, a member of ISIS, and is a woman.  Why hasn’t Joe Biden changed his name to Joe White and further prove that there is no racism in America?


Most damning of the allegations against Joe Biden, is that he listens too much and doesn’t scream at empty rooms with spittle flying out of his mouth.  His hand waving is too subtle and he never uses the Nazi Salute.  If he doesn’t have that type of commanding present in front of the peasants, how can he expect them to blame other people for their problems?

This is how the administration has gotten away with so much, and Joe Biden simply doesn’t have it in him to flagrantly break the law in front of millions, on live television, without giving a single fuck.  And the fact that he hasn’t convinced any of his underage followers to grab an illegal weapon and carry it across state lines to shoot people that are asking not to be shot is embarrassing.

The biggest argument the RNC made on why Joe Biden shouldn’t be president is the fact that he hasn’t been able to stop the current Republican leadership from turning this country into a dystopian hellhole where Twitter likes matter more than public policy.  Perhaps if he one day had more power, imagine the damage he could do to the billionaire capital gains taxes?  One shudders to think about it.


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