Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: What Do Reviewers Think?

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: What Do Reviewers Think?


Samsung’s latest budget smartphone, the Galaxy A53 5G, is out now. It’s a great smartphone, according to reviewers, who say it trades some power and features to fit in a sub-$500 price point.

If you’re a huge fan of Samsung’s handsets but don’t have $900 for a brand-new phone, this is the smartphone for you! Let’s look under the hood and see what the Galaxy A53 5G has to offer.

Specs and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a sleek, slim smartphone with a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen. It weighs barely over 6 ounces, making it a small phone that fits neatly in your pocket or your hand. It’s bigger than competitors like the iPhone SE or Pixel 5A, but some reviewers say this makes it feel a bit more premium than its competition.

It also sports surprisingly swift performance for a mid-tier phone. Switching between apps is usually smooth and seamless, though some reviewers say they ran into issues with apps not closing properly. Others noted that the phone struggles to multitask with complicated apps like Snapchat or some social media interfaces.

The Cameras

The main place Samsung went to cut costs was the cameras. Modern high-end smartphones sport downright absurd camera arrays that are capable of capturing professional-grade photos.

The Galaxy A53 5G doesn’t enjoy this crystal-clear camera performance. Instead, it relies on a simpler series of rear lenses. The best thing about this camera is that it features night mode and ultrawide mode despite the phone’s budget-friendly price tag.

It feels like a magic trick: Samsung manages to use such impressive software to prop up what is arguably middling hardware. This approach has served Apple well in the past, so it makes sense for Samsung to adopt it here.

Software Details

The Galaxy A53 5G comes included with the newest Android software, Android 12, and One UI 4.1. This is the latest version of the Android UI from Google, and it’s arguably one of the best reasons to own a Galaxy phone.

Samsung and Google work closely together to make Galaxy devices feel as inclusive and holistic as Apple’s vacuum-sealed iOS system. 

The device can also support up to 1TB of additional storage. That’s perfect for people who love to store tons of music and photos on their phones! 

The bottom line is this new Galaxy phone is a perfect purchase for someone who wants the newest Samsung software without breaking the bank. You can pick up the Galaxy A53 5G today for $450.