Single Mingle Club, Dads with Leaf Blowers Chill With Wall of Moms

In a surprising move by dad bodied men who like to tell jokes, Dads with Leaf Blowers – aka Dads who Blowshowed up in their favorite orange shirts with multiple types of lawn care equipment to help protect the hip and rollicking Wall of Moms. 

After the helpless little ladies were sprayed with tear gas, the men appropriately declared it their responsibility to defend the women’s honor. They headed to the hardware store to pick out weapons of choice.

Many went with the clubs’ signature piece the very reliable leaf blower, other items they picked up were trash can lid’s as shields, garden spades as swords, and buckets for helmets. 

The men carried signs that said, Fathers Against Fascism” and “Dad Bods are the Best Bods” as well as others that had dad jokes printed on them. 

Law enforcement were shocked and awed by the display, so much so they turned tail and ran, letting the protester gain ground. 

Leaf blowers are now on the list of banned “terrorist” weapons. And will only be used by the military. 

Tonight, they will be joined for the Geriatric Merryatrics who will use their electric scooters to hit law enforcement in the shins.