Trump Proclaims His Children Brightest in the World

In recent days we have learned the amazing job President Trump did on his ‘not so easy,’ ‘you couldn’t have passed it’ test, given to those that are suspected of having Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

It seems the presidents favored children, Ivanka, Jr. and Eric, have been witnessed making a surprise and abrupt entrances into any room his father is in and yell “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, T.V. 

Impressed with his off-spring whom he calls his ‘brightest little stars,’ he plans on presenting each with an award. 

 Ivanka will get the Medal of Freedom, which is the Nation’s highest Civilian Award, because ‘I believe women should be free’ according to her father. 

Jr. will be honored with the Presidential Award for Excellence, which used to be the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. However, Trump said in a White House briefing that “math, science, and teaching are all things that most Americans don’t believe in.” He added, “And Jr. is a most excellent son, so now it is known as only the Presidential Award for Excellence.” 

Eric will receive the Nation Medal of Arts according to spokesperson Kellyanne Conway because Eric loves to finger paint.”