Trump Retweets ‘White Power’ Guy, Shocking Approximately No One

Trump retweeted something racist and shocking today in a move that was actually not shocking at all.

Trump Does Something Ignorant and Racist, Which Totally Checks Out

The president – who uses terms such as “Kung Flu” – did something racist, surprising absolutely no one who’s paid any attention to daily life in America for the last four years.

So, this update is most specifically for anyone who is waking up from a four-year coma. For everyone else, continue about your day knowing everything horrible that’s been happening is still happening and it’s still horrible.

Trump Retweets Video of Guy Shouting ‘White Power’

The tweet in question was from our now-president Donald Trump (yes, the one from the Celebrity Apprentice who led the birther movement against former president Barack Obama). It was actually a retweet of another post. The post shares a video in which a white man at a Trump rally in Florida is seen chanting “White Power!” over and over.