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Trump Shouts “Fake News” While Watching Fake News

Over the weekend, Fox News has come under fire for altering an image of protesters at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, Washington. This six-block area was taken over by protesters and is currently held without city or police interference. There is no clear timeline when – or if – they will return the area.

The image Fox shared shows a white man holding an automatic gun in front of a broken storefront, with signs for Capital Hill behind him. The image was spliced together using pictures from another protest, and stock footage from Shutterstock.

Donald Trump, long a Fox supporter, has stayed silent in this regard, despite the fact that is the first to shout Fake News at other media organizations. “There are a lot of good people over there,” He reassured reporters, about Fox. “Good people. The best. If they did what they did, it’s for the greater good.”

Fox, for its part, pulled the image and apologized… and then posted an image from St. Paul with an article from Seattle, suggesting the city was on fire.

Fake news, huh?


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