Update: Summer is Canceled, Stay Indoors

Bad news for those who work during the winter and get the summer off. Official word has it that summer is canceled this year, stay indoors and ignore the sunshine until 9 pm.

With the coronavirus lockdown lifting, many people are thinking it’s now safe to return to their normal lives. But numbers are spiking, hard, and the only thing you should be doing is how to plan to continue to get groceries delivered.

Experts argue that there is no “second wave” of the coronavirus – but that’s only because we’re still not done with the first. Florida and Texas are experiencing record spikes, and more southern states are following. Quickly.

So, summer is canceled, folks. Put away the grill, drain the pool, pack the swimsuits up. The official plan is to fast-forward the next few months, continuing to live in our air-conditioned homes, and hopefully by fall things will be better.

While it’s technically illegal to cancel fall (the Pumpkin Spice Movement of 2006 made it so), winter better watch itself. Who knows what is going to happen in the coming months.