Urtopia E-Bike Is the Coolest Bike We’ve Ever Seen

Urtopia E-Bike Is the Coolest Bike We’ve Ever Seen


Electric bikes are nothing new. For decades, the height of “cool bicycle” technology has stuck to small electric motors and minimalistic heads-up displays. The Urtopia e-bike, on the other hand, might be the most high-tech bicycle we’ve ever seen.

The bike’s design doesn’t shy away from this high-tech design, either. At a glance, you can immediately tell that this is a high-end piece of technology first and a mode of transportation second. It’s curvy, stylish, and aerodynamic, sharing more stylistically in common with a sports car than a bike.

But is this futuristic electric bike all it’s cracked up to be? Early reviews suggest that it’s the real deal.

The Smartbar

First up, the bike sports a futuristic heads-up display that ties everything together neatly. The smartbar runs across the handlebars and uses an eye-catching dot matrix design to suggest a retro-futurist aesthetic. A fingerprint scanner occupies the right side of the display, allowing users to tailor their settings based on their biometric data.

The left side of the smartbar contains a directional pad that functions as the primary user interface for the bike’s digital settings. In all, the Urtopia E-Bike feels like a smartphone with wheels in the best possible way.

Advanced Features

Some of the bike’s most notable features involve its voice controls. To turn on the headlights, you have to use voice commands. You can use the directional pad to trigger the turn signals, which are both lights on the back of the bike as well as projections that illuminate the ground in the direction you’re turning.

It also sports the expected e-bike features, like GPS tracking and a companion app. Fitness enthusiasts will love the ability to track their rides on the app, which lets them see how many calories they’re burning.

Is It a Good Bike?

Is the Urtopia E-Bike truly a good bicycle, though? Early reviews say it is. Riders who tested the prototype say the Urtopia is comfortable and light despite the battery and motor. Those who only want to use the bike as a traditional self-propelled vehicle can disconnect the battery entirely and still enjoy a great riding experience around town.

But with the battery in, reviewers say the bike is a blast. Turning the assistance mode up to “turbo” can help you hit 20 miles per hour with just a bit of effort. Riding your bike around the park has never been this much fun!