Valve’s Steam Deck Is Finally Widely Available

Valve’s Steam Deck Is Finally Widely Available


Valve’s Steam Deck portable game console was one of the most anticipated new tech toys in 2021. However, like many new releases since 2020, its launch was marred by supply shortages, production issues, and long order queues. Those interested in buying a Steam Deck have had to put their name in the queue and wait for the product to become available again. 

Thankfully, the device is finally widely available for anyone who wants to buy one. All you have to do to purchase a Steam Deck now is simply go to Valve’s website, pay for a device, and wait for it to be shipped to you. But is it worth the purchase?

What Is a Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck is a handheld console that looks similar to a Nintendo Switch. It’s basically a mini-computer that has a controller built into the hardware. The device can play compatible games on Valve’s popular Steam platform and allows users to play games they’ve already purchased for use on their PCs. 

The Steam Deck is popular among PC gamers who want to take their Steam libraries with them on the go. It’s a technically impressive piece of hardware that can run modern games like Elden Ring and Spider-Man, making it a beefier handheld for gamers who want something more in-depth than Nintendo’s Switch system.

How Powerful Is It?

The Steam Deck is capable of running many games at 1080p resolution and with a 60-frame-per-second refresh rate. While not every game in the Steam store is compatible with the device, many popular titles – especially those designed for traditional controller input methods – run perfectly on the Deck.

It’s also notably larger than the Switch, making it a bit tougher to carry around. It starts at $400 for the version with the lowest amount of internal memory, though that price tag gets a bit higher if you’re looking for more storage space. 

Is It Worth It?

The Steam Deck is absolutely worth the purchase price if you’re already a PC gamer with a vast library of games on Steam. Since you don’t need to purchase the games again to play them on the Deck, it’s a great way to work through your backlog of titles that you want to tackle while you’re away from your PC.

Even just lounging around the house and playing games is easier with the Deck. The added bonus of being able to take your PC’s game library on the go is just icing on the cake!

However, if you’re a die-hard Nintendo fan who already owns a Switch, there’s not a big reason to get the Deck just to purchase games on a new platform.