Why is Cloud Computing Such a Big Deal?

Why is Cloud Computing Such a Big Deal?


The future of the internet and computing seems to be moving more than ever toward decentralized, cloud-based information exchange enabled by high-speed internet. This can be seen in a basic form with the way that the internet has essentially replaced most forms of physical media. For instance, when was the last time you popped a DVD into the tray and watched a movie at home?

As this decentralized version of the internet continues to grow, the question of “why is cloud computing such a big deal” comes up more often. Let’s take a closer look.

Lower Overhead

Most businesses and households switch to the cloud-based version of any given thing because it’s often more affordable. For instance, what costs more: buying all of your favorite movies and TV shows on Blu-Ray, or just getting a Netflix subscription? The lower up-front cost and low recurring charges of the subscription make a streaming service the obvious route for most people.

The same is true of cloud computing for businesses. Many smaller companies don’t have the budget to bring big server banks and a huge IT department. Instead of needing to shell out a ton of money to shore up their digital department, smaller businesses can pay a subscription to access a cloud computing service.

More Power

Let’s face it: as excellent as your laptop is, it’s got nothing on a supercomputer running in a dedicated server room. When you subscribe to a cloud computing service for businesses, you essentially “borrow” some of the computing power of a supercomputer to handle some of your business’s back-end functions.

This technology will also likely help businesses in more remote areas that can’t easily access heavy computing power without cloud computing. Even some hospitals in isolated regions could be greatly assisted by this kind of technology, potentially allowing specialists to connect to local doctors at very high speeds to help oversee complicated procedures.

Staying Mobile

Working from home and changing venues are two widespread occurrences for modern small businesses. Staying light and mobile is essential, which is part of why so many small businesses owners prefer laptops. Relying on cloud computing instead of purchasing dedicated servers allows a business owner to relocate when the need arises without lugging a massive server along with them.

The future will likely lean more and more into cloud storage and cloud computing, further decentralizing the internet and making life for the average person that much easier.